Terms & Conditions

We Abide By The Rules

Refund Policy

1.Reimbursing provision can be relied on if the customer sends back within 15 days or earlier following delivery.

2. Where the client wants quality to be improved further after the lapse of the 15 days period, the process 30% proof-reading and 50% overhaul fee is to be paid (This 30% and 50% rate is heavily determined by file time-span)

3. Reimbursing provision encompasses files categorized in Group A (Superb) & B (High-Quality)

4. Further proofreading will be undertaken in a bid to boost quality pending the approval of the reimburse request

5. The approval of the reimburse application only succeeds if the drawn out proofreading fail the litmus test of quality. The client should also file the reviewed copy.

6. Reimbursing exceptions include Hard-to-Crack files and Rush Hour Orders.

7. We do not underwrite to surpass or attain for Hard-to-Crack recordings and Rush Hour Orders.

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