More Services for Your Needs

We have other services to offer that will cater to your needs


Need to transcribe some audios or videos? Our competent transcribers will help you with that starting at $0.10 per minute at flat rate

Voice Over

A good voice over artists will certainly improve your project . Good thing we have excellent ones with excellent pricing at $128.

Closed Captioning/Subtitling

If you want to have your message conveyed more clearly, we recommend having our team do captioning or subtitling to your videos.


We ensure that our work is affordable rate starting at $0.10 per minute for audio and $2.63 dollars per page and accurate through our carefully selected typists.

Video Services

Video Animation

High quality animation for $60 from our talented team.

Video Spokesperson

Professional spokespersons are available for below $60 to help you with your videos.

Video Editing

Give your videos a little bit of magic with our talented editing crew and below $60.

Video Production

Our extremely talented crew will help you produce meaningful videos.